AK1200 is a well known name in the jungle and drum ‘n’ bass genre. Enthusiasts of these genres will most certainly have been tuned into the discography of this Orlando based musician as he pretty much introduced the concept of electronic music in the US. In his career spanning two and a half decades, he has successfully created a niche for himself in the area of electronic music while actually building a strong base for the genre itself. Here is a tiny peek at his varied and memorable career.

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The beginning

Dave Minner, as he was called before adopting the stage name of AK1200, began his career in the year 1989, playing techno music in clubs around his native. Being quite picky and unique about his choice of music and wanting to break the techno reign, he switched over to U.K. breakbeat sound which resulted in him letting go of his techno line forever. Even when breakbeat lost its sheen in the United Kingdom, he kept the sounds alive in the US. He gradually took to introducing and promoting the drum’n’bass and jungle sounds in the early ‘90s. Wanting to firmly establish the new love of his life, he undertook extensive tours and landed at the Spundae in San Francisco. His magazine Junglized, which he published along with his DJ colleague Jeffee also promoted the genre among the general populace.

The progress

Despising monotony, he perfected the style of crossing genres once he became successful in promoting and making one known among the audience. By late ‘90s he had turned his attention to production and remix, organizing and taking part in the National Planet of Drums tour and working in collaboration with Keoki and Rabbit in the Moon. From Flex and Fats in 1993, to tracks and releases like A Tribe called Quest, Crystal Method, Prepare for Assault, Lock & Roll: A Drum DJ Mix, Moving Shadow and Moonshine and collaborations with Dieselboy, Danny breaks and DJ Dara, his discography is an eclectic mix of everything electronica.

Right now, it can be said that AK1200 has a long, colorful and enviable resume of sorts, one that shows him as a remixer, producer, promoter, publisher and a record store owner along with the great title of the initiator of jungle and drum’n’bass.